Moving Moments

Every moment seems to be identical with the moment before, time stands still. Stars, fog and clouds form the picture of an inflexible landscape. And yet a quiet click occasionally interrupts the silence and wakes the landscape to unfamiliar life. The sun rushes through layers of clouds, the fog transforms itself into a stormy sea and stars leave trails in the sky.
Jeri Peier breathed new life into those moments; using time-lapse photography he created the short film called "Moving Moments".

Creator Jeri Peier (Olten, Switzerland)
Years 2011-2015
Locations Australia, Canada, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, USA.
For further information, please download the photobook.
More You can watch each time-lapse sequence in full length on Jeri's Youtube Channel

The photobook contains photos, information about the locations and some background information about the production.

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Jeri Peier